Aoyama Golden Ginkgo Trees

A beautiful sunny Friday outing to see the ginkgo trees (イチョウ) in Aoyama Jingu Gaien park (神宮外苑)




It's a 300 meter long avenue planted with tall ginkgo trees on both side, leading to the imposing Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery building at the end.


Ginkgo tree


During the second part of November, when the leafs turn a bright gold color, the avenue is closed to cars to let visitors walk freely. Many events, such as beer gardens, are also organized during that time.


Share Green Aoyama


We decided to skip the beers and crowds and go to a new spot a few minutes walk south of there, closer to the Aoyama cemetery (青山霊園), called SHARE GREEN AOYAMA.


pretty mural

This is not Los Angeles


A wide green grass area surrounded by a good coffee roastery, a flower and plants shop and plenty of tables and chairs for lounging in the sun.



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