Designing new bracelets

We've been hard at work designing an extension to our line of precious stone bracelets and they are now live in the shop.

Inspired by traditional 数珠 (juzu) buddhist prayer beads or meditation bracelets but with a modern everyday look. We've added two new 3-loops bracelets which combine precious stones and precious woods for a nice contrast on your wrist and a slightly lighter wear:

OMAKASE Raisin Azuki
Pink grape-like agates and rosewood that looks like azuki beans


OMAKASE Natural Uguisu
Green agates and deep olive colored hard wood (緑壇)


We also added single loop versions with all stones and a single larger bead of wood which are perfect for a lower key look.


Of course, these are all handmade by our partner artisans in their workshop in Kyoto, Japan and are available in various sizes from XS to L.

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