About us

in Japanese(日本語はコチラ)

Hi, thank you for visiting our page.

We are a Japanese-French couple based in Tokyo. We love finding cool products, recipes and shops. Recently we've decided to no longer keep this list our secret but share it with the world. This is how Chuchulu came to be.

The name Chuchulu is a play on Japanese onomatopoeia for kisses and how you can transform any word in a verb by adding "-ru" at the end. In Paris, you greet someone by kissing them twice on the cheek, so chuchu. Then Chuchulu is the act of greeting someone Parisian-style.

But let us introduce ourselves.


François (husband) @w00kie

I've been living in Japan for 15 years, working as an Information Systems engineers for various international companies. I always introduce myself as "Francois from France" even though it sounds like a dad joke in Japanese.

Recently I've programmed a twitter bot that automatically tweets whenever it's "hot as balls" in Tokyo.


☆彡 Special skills, hobbies
English native (TOEIC perfect score), Japanese, Programming, Greek mythology,
Travel, Drinking craft beer, Useless trivia.


Fumina (wife) @le_ciel_bleu_et_moi

If you search Fumina on the web, you will see many Japanese sexy gravures, but I am a telecommunications engineer. I'm interested in a lot of things so I always having some project running. I am not good at waking up in the morning.

Recently, I tried piloting a drone. I hope that I can do some aerial photography. However, riding a car makes me feel sick, so no FPV please.


☆彡 Special skills, hobbies
French language (B1), Programming (less than François), Cooking (everything is delicious), Lisence of Special Radio Operator,
Travel, Researching good and new addresses all over the world, Reading multiple books at the same time.


Our rules

・in the Morning
Breakfast is always prepared by François. As he is French, the menu consists of coffee from Aeropress, pain de campagne with Bordier butter and organic confiture. If we do not have bread, we have homemade granola (prepared by Francois) with greek yogurt and other fruits. And we watch TV World News.

・at Night
We brush our teeth together before going to bed. It's a special time to goof around and forget about negative things that might have happened during the day.

・ Family motto
"Reap what you sow"
When shopping for us, for gifts, doing a home party, or trying to cheer someone up, always be generous.


With Chuchulu, we alternate English, Japanese and French. If you would like to share something with us, ask us a question or need help with anything, do not hesitate to contact us in any of these languages.


☆★☆ About picture
It was drawn by Uetsuki Emiri.
She is our favorite Japanese illustrator, she draws very cute pictures. We love her style.

webpage http://uetsukiemiri.com/

instagram @qoocho_emily

twitter https://twitter.com/QOOCHO_EMILY