Who makes our Chuchulu bracelets?

Founded in 1918 in the temple district of Kyoto, our manufacturing partner has been crafting high-quality Juzu prayer beads for monks and everyday practitioners for over 100 years, furthering the highly sought-after Japanese traditional culture of quality craftsmanship.



How are the bracelets made?

The production of Juzu prayer beads in Kyoto started 1200 years ago in the 9th century. As mechanization and automation have taken over every field of manufacturing, Juzu are still made entirely by hand. From the shaping of the beads to the weaving of the strings, no heavy machinery is involved as traditional centuries-old techniques are protected.

Protecting traditional techniques does not mean refusing change altogether. Accepting new materials and incorporating into products when it makes sense is also an important part of saving these traditions and keeping them alive.

This is why we use polyurethane transparent rubber yarn for our bracelets. This material increases strength and longevity of the bracelet and also reduces friction and discoloration of the beads. Each bracelet uses 4 to 5 strands of rubber for optimal stretch strength and comfort on your wrist.