ŌTAMA Shitan
ŌTAMA Shitan

ŌTAMA Shitan

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These bracelets are inspired by the big balls of colorful black powder found in traditional Japanese hanabi fireworks which bring joy to everyone during festivals.

The voluminous beads will have an impactful presence on your wrist. They are made of precious wood (Shitan 朱檀 – rosewood) that is hard but light so you can assort it with other bracelets without feeling too weighted down.

  • Modern design inspired by Japanese “juzu” prayer beads.
  • Each item is handmade and therefore color, shape and size might show slight variance with the product photo.

Product Outline

  • ŌTAMA Shutan
  • Model wrist size: 15cm
  • Circumference: 16.9cm(S), 18cm(M)
  • Weight: 30.5g(S), 32g(M)
  • Material: shitan wood (16mm)
  • Made in Japan